Comprehensive Glass Installations for Exteriors

Minimal Slimline windows

With a clean and elegant appearance, floor to ceiling sliding & fixed doors improve the lighting and airy feeling of any space.


Thermally insulated triple laminated solid wood windows in the interior, with a high quality thermally broken aluminium on the exterior.

Thermal and Acoustic resistant windows

Heavy-duty sound and temperature resistant windows and partitions which can be used for your windows in a house, or for the partitions in a conference room.

bi-folding doors

Bi-folding doors to open up your common spaces and enjoy breathtaking views without any obstruction.

Comprehensive Glass Installations for Interiors

Antique mirrors

Silver coloured and antique mirrors for doubling up the size of any room and adding a decorative lustre to it.


Waterjet cut mirrors and Bevelled edge mirrors. Mirrors specifically designed according to your needs.

LED backlit mirrors

LED backlit mirrors for increasing the amount of light in the dressing room or bathroom.

Framed glass partition

Framed or frameless glass partitions that can be used for cordoning off rooms or offices to a basic shower screen in your bathroom or even a soundproof conference room in your office.

Custom fused glass

Custom fused glass for adding a lot of character to living spaces and art galleries.

Backpainted and backsplashed glass

Backpainted and backsplashed glass that can be used from writing boards and bathrooms to classy kitchens, which reflects light and adds a stylish element.

Artistic stained glass

Artistic stained glass used for domes, skylights and windows allowing a mix of colours to come into play during day light.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass for added safety for ceilings, flooring and railings.